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Thanks for considering a DONATION! Click or mail your check to The Acorn - 3501 Broadway, San Antonio, TX 78209

You may know that in recent years, The Acorn has participated in The Big Give, a wonderful opportunity for local charities. This year their procedure has changed, and a $200 fee was added for non-profits in addition to the percentage of donations already taken by their organization. We felt this was excessive for our small school, so The Acorn is not participating this year.

Nevertheless, as you consider making your charitable donations at this time, it would be greatly appreciated if you add The Acorn to your giving list.

The Acorn is a nonprofit, tax-exempt, educational institution, with 501 (c)(3) charitable status from the Internal Revenue Service. In order to offer a high quality program, offer the teachers well-deserved annual raises, keep up with maintenance, add improvements each year, yet keep tuition and fees affordable for families, the school runs at an annual deficit of approximately $75,000.

This year, our annual Fundraiser which was held in early March raised over $40,000, thanks to the generosity of our parents and alumni. Besides our fundraiser, one of the primary methods of raising funds to cover our deficit has always been through donations from parents, grandparents, alumni parents, and friends and we will continue to need to rely on this invaluable source. We are also reaching out for help from other sources in our community. Many of you work for companies or firms that believe in community involvement and giving to worthwhile local charitable organizations in need. Some companies have helped us through outright donations, while others have provided matching gifts, or underwritten expenses or specific projects. We would appreciate it if you would please approach your employers on our behalf to see if they can help The Acorn. Likewise, if you know of a foundation that might be responsive to our needs, please let us know.

It might be a new idea for some people, at first, to think in terms of making a donation to a school that serves young children. We’re not any different, though, than other high quality private schools or colleges that need outside funding in order to maintain their quality programs. Actually, The Acorn has a great influence on your children now and into the future. We take pride in graduating children that love school and love to learn. A great many alumni parents tell us that their children still talk about things they did at The Acorn with strong feelings of affection even up into high school, college, and beyond. We’re told they have incredibly fond memories of their days here. These expressions of warm enthusiasm are also heard from alumni when we have our reunion of high school graduating seniors, which we host for students and their parents every May. It’s wonderful to see what fine, accomplished young men and women they’ve turned out to be. We hope you feel the school is especially worthy of your support, since we benefit your children’s lives so directly now and hopefully well into the future.

In the past, we have received contributions ranging from ten dollars to many thousands of dollars. Please don’t think that you have to save up to give a sizable gift. Each and every donation is truly needed and greatly appreciated. We also receive invaluable support from many of our children’s grandparents. Since they are often in a more financially favorable position to give, we would be very appreciative if you would let them know of our real need for donations and perhaps share a copy of this letter with them.

While all of this information is fresh in your mind, won’t you please take the time to click or mail a donation? Your donation is an investment in your own children’s future, as well as the future of The Acorn and all of the children we serve now and in the years to come. Thank you so much!


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