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The Acorn Kindergarten


Kindergarten has all the creative, developmentally appropriate attributes of The Acorn preschool classes, with the addition of several unique features.

Reading, just like crawling, walking, toilet learning, etc., is developmental, with each child learning at their own pace. Our main goal is that each child LOVE reading and feel confident about it, no matter what timetable they are on. With our class size and teacher ratio, we are able to individualize to each child’s developmental level. Each year a class may have a range of “readers” from those just barely “breaking the code” who are reading very simple predictable stories, to those reading at a 2nd or 3rd grade level.

The Language Approach to Reading uses many meaningful ways to bring a print rich environment to the children. A message of the day starts from the very first day of school, and progresses throughout the year. Concepts such as capitalization, punctuation, sentence structure, and grammar rules are learned just by being presented each day in a real and useful way. These ideas become a part of the child’s knowledge without ever needing to learn the “rules” of grammar, but by using them in a real life situation. The children keep journals and make class books, and build a word wall as they learn to spell throughout the year. The children use invented spelling in creative writing, and as they develop an “ear” for phonics, their writing and spelling shows growth and improvement throughout the year. Reading and Writing is interwoven throughout the entire curriculum.

The Math program is based in a hands-on approach with Mathematics Their Way as the foundation. It takes a child through a concrete, free exploration level and introduces symbols, math sentences, and problem solving in the symbolic level. Those who are ready can grasp concepts leading into the abstract level.

As the class follows the adventures of The Tortoise and The Hare, the children learn all about the world around them. After reading The Race, an updated version of the story, we ask families to have friends, relatives, etc. who travel or live in other areas to mail postcards to the class. Geography becomes a meaningful subject as we read about different cities, states, and countries on the globe and see postcard pictures of geographical features, monuments, and cultural elements.

Science is another area of curriculum that allows for much experimentation, prediction, and documentation. The children develop an appreciation for nature and the environment as they garden, make observations and comparisons, and do “research”.

The children not only have daily opportunities for creative expression in the art element of the curriculum, but they are exposed to the Masters and Fine Art each week. A particular artist is introduced, and after hearing about their techniques and vision, the children can use similar media and explore their own ways of using these new techniques.


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