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Planning ahead!!!

Acorn fundraiser kickoff coffee: Friday, January 8th, during school hours. Please plan on dropping in to pick up your parent packet.

Hot Silent Auction Item:

Vacation home in Costa Rica! Ready for a trip? Make plans to bid on this great vacation stay! Check out this wonderful place offered by the Kimball family!

Class Projects, Dinners, Artwork, Gift Items, Jewelry, Sports Memorabilia…

Lots More Coming to our Auction!

The Acorn Annual Celebration and Fundraiser

Friday, March 4th, at the San Antonio Country Club!

We’ll see you there!


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STEP (Systematic Training for Effective Parenting) Group at The Acorn!

Six Session Class: Spring Dates to Be Announced Soon

Katie Gaebel, one of our Four Day PM teachers who is in her thirteenth year at The Acorn, teaches a course on Positive Parenting Strategies in our upcoming STEP Parenting Class. Katie earned her BA in Special and Early Childhood Education and holds her Master’s Degree in Elementary School Counseling. She has enthusiastically led these STEP parenting courses for ten years, including the previous six years here at The Acorn.

The STEP program teaches extremely positive approaches to understanding and raising children. The STEP approach includes appreciating that children’s behaviors are motivated by a variety of goals, that encouragement for children becoming the best that they can be is extremely important, and that family councils for making decisions for and with children are highly valued.

The STEP program teaches a variety of parenting skills and strategies, including:

Understanding Yourself and Your Child

Understanding Young Children’s Behavior

Understanding Beliefs and Feelings

Building Self-Esteem in the Early Years

Effective Listening and Talking to Your Child

Effective Discipline

Problem Solving

Natural and Logical Consequences

Understanding Your Parenting Style

Encouragement: Encouraging Your Child and Yourself

Communicating with Young Children

Helping Children Learn to Cooperate

Discipline that Makes Sense

Choosing Your Approach

Nurturing Emotional and Social Development

The Goals of Child Misbehavior

The Courage to be Imperfect

The classes are on Tues. evenings, from 6:45 to around 8:30, Spring dates will be scheduled soon. The cost is $90 for one parent and an additional $55 if both parents attend. This includes one parent workbook per family that will be used throughout the course. Please mark your calendars now and return the form provided on the reverse side!

Comments from previous classes…

I learned how to better communicate with my children, how to improve our relationship, and clarified my goals in raising them Lauren

I learned now to communicate more effectively and not get frustrated so easily. Techniques were very helpful. Katie is a wonderful teacher! Courtney

Gave strategies for handling issues with more confidence, and reassurance that these issues are very common. I wish I took it sooner. Blythe

What we learned was endless and extremely valuable: how to effectively communicate with my children and how to achieve positive behavior! Amazing class! We learned so much and are so grateful for this opportunity. Karen

This class has taught me to set realistic and practical expectations, and has given me insight on my children’s behavior, with a positive way to approach the negative behavior. Michelle

Lots of great tools to handle daily situations. Ken

Praise vs. Encouragement, “I” messages, punishment vs. discipline, being consistent. Ms. Katie is an excellent teacher and full of great advice! Echo

I’ve learned to more effectively communicate with my son which has improved our relationship, environment, and my confidence in parenting. I got much more out of this class than most classes I’ve taken. Ernest

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We always LOVE to hear from our students as they grow and spread their wings!

Families return to visit, and a highlight is our senior reunion in May.

Alumni, thanks for all the photo updates and news!!! Here's a collage fit for the upcoming Holidays!


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Interested in enrolling your child? Please give us a call and plan on attending our upcoming  tour.

Saturday, November 7, 2015; 10:00 a.m.  Parents will receive lots of information and see the classrooms.

Adults only.  Thanks!

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Throughout October The Acorn classes host Father's Nights for the children and their Daddies! What special times together!

Black Light Science Fun on Father's Night!

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Dad's Nights! New Parent Coffee! Kindergarten Campout!

So Much Fun!!!!




Tues., Oct. 6

Dad’s Nights: Kindergarten and 3 Day AM TWT

6:30 p.m.

Thurs., Oct. 8

Dad’s Nights: Five Day AM and 3 Day AM MWF

6:30 p.m.

Mon., Oct. 12

Columbus Day: NO SCHOOL

Thurs., Oct. 15

Coffee for Parents New to The Acorn

11:00 a.m.

Come and meet other new Acorn parents, learn more about the school, ask questions,


Find Out How You Can Be Involved!

Tues., Oct. 20

Acorn Fun Family Day at Kiddie Park

4:30 p.m.


Oct. 23 – 25

Kindergarten Campout at Lost Maples

Kindergarten Families

Mon., Oct. 26

No school for Kindergarten only; All other classes are IN SESSION

Mon., Oct. 26

Dad’s Nights: Four Day PM and Five Year Olds

6:30 p.m.

Wed., Oct. 28

Dad’s Nights: Three Day PM and Two Day AM

6:00 p.m.

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